i can barely hold the image in my mind of a central plane connected to the singing stars. ive seen nephilim walk around and go on their way. ive seen and felt every person i will ever meet. ive seen and felt my angel, and my deities; ive seen/lead (?) to the screaming chaos that is the void by Ra and Anubis and Brigid, it is but not the void because the void still has a name, and still exists

ive felt the presence of this "void" as the absolute entropy of the universe condensed to a millisecond. ive been guided through the hall of Ma'at by Anubis and Bast- i wasnt alone. my soul was intertwined with another astral walker- dove and crow slept, and shared the same vision.

both crow and dove experienced the intense agony of Isis tearing out their collective heart. she spoke, "be careful of who you give your heart too". Ammut was waiting for them; they awoke before he could devour. recently, the moon sang and spun-- ive never experienced the moon singing like the stars. the pulling was frightening, yet exhilarating.