sometimes i forget, then it comes back again- as my jaw grows; and parts of my skull grow from hrt; head with more space, and vibrations during vocalizations---give me headaches. i feel like i can speak and breathe easier. newly expanded cavities in my chest like a cavern. water drops loudly in my ear as i sleep on my side- like a drip from stalagmite or stalactite, dripping into a cave pool. i can hear more music, i can hear more clear,;

im seeing more regardless of my ailing eyesight again, fuller. i feel more air as the wind blows across my skin. in music, i can feel the pumping of the kick bass, i can feel the beat of the bass- the humming of the rhythm guitar. crystalline synth, brassy brass sections in tired out bands that sound new this time around. i would say i no longer recognize my voice, it sounds like someone else's.

but a thought-form, fermata. who's been in my minds eye for years. the voice belongs to him- we feel a little more at peace. we recognize our voice.