eerie, i shivered.

the platform was nearly identical to the platform in orlando. except i had never seen it empty. san jose was empty. the platform was empty.


alone i looked out the all glass platform. the sun was setting, and outside i could see the desert surrounding san jose falling into night.

it was dark red, flat, stretching towards the mountains. it looked like it could stretch forever---

twilight, a blanket, it enveloped me and the landscape.

i was silent, my thoughts silent as well, i looked. i watched; i waited alone, in the copy of orlando. empty.

every once in a while, a calm, computer voice came through the speakers lining----


----somewhere on the glass platform.

the time. the weather. the monorails that serve my platform.


her voice. the time. the weather.


the monorail came. i stepped inside; greeted by the interior of a fake orlando monorail.

the monorail was empty. grabbing the center pole; i spun around to observe my environment.

also fuckin empty.

alone inside the monorail; it felt even more hollow, bizarre, eerie---the sunset set, blue and violet red light floated into the monorail, and onto me. i spun around again to look at the empty darkening desert.