when i was 10 i had an epic (lucid and astral) dream. i fell asleep holding the image of a flying eagle in my mind. i woke up on a grasslands/prairie. i could feel the breeze through my feathers, i could hear the breeze rustling through the grass. I walked around for a moment, and heard bubbling water. a small creek was meandering through the plains, and i looked upon the water. i saw that i was an eagle. excited i turned around and prepared to take flight.

i took off, and rode the air currents

i could feel the mind of the eagle, i could feel the body of the eagle, and how the experience of being an eagle has no human lanuage counter parts.

i held onto that feeling, blissful i continued flying.

i saw a mountain in the distance and felt drawn to it, i flew to it, having fun dropping and riding the currents

the mountain on the cliff side had a nest, i flew to the nest. perched on the cliff side. and woke up.

i couldnt discern if i was a human dreaming of being an eagle. or an eagle dreaming of being a human.